Enjoy an “Unexpected Thaw”!

Our valued community partner, Spindleworks returns to Bath this winter to brighten our center. Returning to school after the holiday break can be difficult so Spindleworks is delivering a dose of color and warmer seasons to come to help us through the darker days of the Maine winter. Work will include Bath artists Donald Freeman, Dana Albright, Kevin Babine and Michelle Rice. The exhibit opens on January 11 and runs through February 28.

spindleworks unexpected thaw

image courtesy of Spindleworks Artist, Barbara Carter

Spindleworks is a non-profit art center in Brunswick, Maine. As a program of the Independence Association, Spindleworks provides supplies, studio and gallery space to over 40 artists with disabilities. Artists range in age from 20-80 and work in a wide range of mediums including: painting, drawing, weaving, fiber and fabric arts, wood, sculpture, ceramics, poetry, music, acting, and jewelry. The Spindleworks artists have shown locally, nationally and internationally, and work regularly on commissions throughout the year. Spindleworks gallery, studios and store are open Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30.