Computing Resources

University College at Bath/Brunswick has a computer lab with 7 student computers, available for student use at all times except when there is instruction or a testing session scheduled in that space (Room 117).  Details about instructional activities scheduled in the computer lab are available using the Room 117 calendar (NOTE: in the calendar click on “week” tab for a user-friendly view).   In addition, there are 4 student computers in the Hub (Room 116). Our collaborative spaces (Room 109 & 121) are equipped with computers.

Our environment is also equipped with a password protected wireless network.  Our technology is fast and current.

Students use the computers for:

> Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and course specific software
> MARINER, the on-line University System library
> E-mail and high speed internet
> Viewing ITV class videostreams in Blackboard

Technology Links

Printing—Reduce Waste, Save Money

The cost of toner and paper for the printers are paid for through the Center’s budget. Please help us reduce these costs and save a tree or two. Your support will help us avoid the need to institute a per page printing fee. Please limit your use of the lab printer to University related print jobs. You will need to reenter your userID and password when submitting a print job.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you save money (and the planet) at the Center and at home:

  • Before printing from the internet always do a print preview. This will spare accidentally printing 3 or 30 pages when you intended to capture one page.
  • Better yet perform CPP, copy the text you need, paste it into a Word document, and then print.
  • Best of all, just email it to yourself and skip the print job!
  • Avoid the unforgivable printer faux pas of printing PowerPoint slides! When you print from PowerPoint, always select handouts as your print option (look for “print what:” preferably 6 slides to a page).