Interactive Television and Videoconference Course Services

Interactive Television (ITV) Courses

ITV courses are broadcast live by faculty from university campuses to University College Centers and sites across Maine. Students view the class on TV monitors and interact with the instructor and other students using a toll-free classroom telephone. Many ITV courses include the delayed viewing option, allowing students to view lectures online. Check course descriptions for more information. UCBB ITV classrooms are 112, 113, 118, and 122.

Videoconference (VC) Courses

VC courses offer two-way video interactions. Many VC courses are offered Center-to-Center and the instructor may be in the classroom in Brunswick. Others are available on the University of Maine System campuses, most UC Centers, Lewiston/Auburn College, University College of Bangor, and the Hutchinson Center in Belfast. UCBB VC classrooms are 114, 115, and 119.

Returned Papers

Students may pick up graded papers for an ITV/VC course at the Business Office.


Assignments to be sent to an ITV/VC instructor should be placed in the folder in the classroom. Please do not submit the assignment directly to the Business Office.


Problems with the telephone or television in an ITV/VC classroom should be reported to a staff member. Please do not make adjustments to this equipment.


It is expected that students in all classrooms conduct themselves in such a manner as to not interfere with the learning of another student. Students are requested to be sensitive to the impact of noise on the learning environment and experience of other students. Please refrain from personal conversations in an ITV or VC classroom. If your learning is being disrupted by another student: 1) inform the student(s) and allow the student(s) to make adjustments; 2) if the problem persists, speak with Shelley Taylor.

Cell Phones

Please remember to switch your cell phone ringer off or set on vibrate during class meetings.