Why College Matters



A college degree matters because it:

• Opens the door to career options and opportunities. College graduates have more job choices in related, and even in not-so-related fields, than those who don’t earn a degree.

• Boosts your income. College grads typically earn more money than someone who didn’t graduate. According to a 2009 report by the US Census Bureau, the average annual income of a high school graduate is $24,727, while someone with a bachelor’s degree makes $38,653.

• Introduces you to great minds. College courses encourage you to think, ask questions and explore new ideas, a priceless investment in personal development.

• Gives you an edge in the marketplace. The job market is tight, and your college degree demonstrates your knowledge and commitment in your chosen field.

• Encourages confident self-expression. College teaches you to think and write clearly, skills that will serve you well in any endeavor.

• Makes you a more valuable citizen. Higher education allows you to contribute to the betterment of your family, your community and Maine.

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why college matters