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Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available in the form of grants, loans, work-study and scholarships.

Financial aid processing is handled by your home campus.

> Complete (or renew) an online federal application (FAFSA) yearly
> Processing for eligibility can take up to 1 month
> You must be admitted to a degree program

Financial Aid Links

Financial Aid Offices

Federal School Codes

UM 002053, UMA 006760, UMF 002040, UMFK 002041,

UMM 002055,UMPI 002033,USM 009762


Apply for scholarships

Opportunity Maine

The Opportunity Maine program is designed to provide a tax credit to help cover the payment of student loans for eligible Maine students who work and pay taxes in the state after they finish school.  Beginning with any loans that a student takes in January 2008, he or she will be eligible to claim a large tax credit to pay student loans after they graduate. Businesses are also eligible for the tax credit if they agree to pay a students’ loan.

More information for UMS students is available at: Opportunity Maine (UMS)

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