Rock The Vote

Maine Voter GuideAre you registered to vote?

We’re making it easier! You can register to vote by filling out the online voter registration form below powered by Rock the Vote. Or you can read over the Maine State Voter Guide or stop by any of our Centers to fill out a registration card.

Did you know? According to USA Today, a poll taken in January stated that 6 out of 10 millennials (ages 18-35) were likely to vote in November. Those numbers have since dropped according to recent data polled in August. It is your responsibility to act now to make your voice count!

Did you know? If you are a student living outside of the state of Maine or would prefer not to leave the comfort of your home on election day, you can vote early by requesting an absentee ballot. Not only will you skip the lines on election day, you will also have the freedom to research topics at your leisure to make well-informed decisions in advance.

The last date to register to vote by mail in the state of Maine is October 18, 2016. You can register to vote electronically prior to voting on election day which is Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.