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The UC Faculty portal is a ONE STOP resource for all your distant learning needs. If you need Instructional Design Services, Learning Support Specialists, Media Designers, Off Campus Library Support and much more, University College team is ready to help. Contact us now!

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Google Hangouts
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What is Skype and how do I use it?
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What is MaineStreet?
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What is delayed viewing?
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Screenshots — How to

Creating and saving screenshots Want to share an image of part of your screen with someone? Maybe you are trying to show someone an error you are experiencing, or just sharing a funny image. Here […]

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Guide to Teaching by Videoconferencing

VC Guide to Teaching: Table of Contents Introduction VC Technology Planning for a VC Course Enhancing with @Maine.edu Apps Developing VC-Ready Materials Day 1 Expectations Pre-Class Readiness Check Troubleshooting Strategies Teaching Strategies Designing Activities Class […]

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