Fast and Effective Feedback Strategies

What happens when you deepen the dialogue between student and teacher? Students become active participants in the learning process, using their professor to guide them in the construction of knowledge. Ongoing assessments provide a feedback loop critical to the learning process, which are proven to increase motivation, persistence, and learning outcomes.

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Beautify with Blackboard

Do you want to improve the appearance and organization of your Blackboard course? Learn to modify the course menu, organize your course materials into folders and modules, and create visually appealing pages using the Blackboard Content Editor.

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Inserting an <iframe> into Blackboard

iFrames will allow you to embed content from another website directly alongside your own materials. Learn the basics of how to insert an iframe in Blackboard and get access to the list of supported domains.

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iframe example in Blackboard

Blackboard Grade Center

Table of Contents: 1. Customizing the Grade Center 8. Create and Manage Categories 15. Hide and Show Users in the Grade Center 2. About Grading Schemas 9. View a Category and Associate Columns 16. Color […]

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