Course Planning Timeline

Timeline Action
At least two months prior to beginning of semester New faculty: Submit a Faculty Policies form to indicate your preferences for attendance, delayed viewing, etc. Returning faculty: Review your published policies and re-submit the Faculty Policies form to update any course policies.
At least two months prior to beginning of semester Any copyrighted materials, including but not limited to, articles, drawings, CDs and DVDs, must go through a clearance process before they may be copied, broadcast or posted. Submit legally-purchased originals of broadcast media (CD, DVD, audiotape, etc.), or camera-ready copies of print media to UC Learning Services.  If you will be posting a course schedule/syllabus exclusively to a course website, please forward any exam dates to UCLS.
10 days prior to use 10 days prior to student use, submit handouts or exams, preferably via email at ucls@maine.edu. Complete the exam policy form with each exam.
As soon as possible Return graded work to students. Send them to UC Learning Services at UC-Augusta where they will be recorded and then mailed out to the distance sites.
If you change your course in any way (e.g. postponing exams, canceling a broadcast, starting a course late, etc.), please notify UC Learning Services so we may inform staff at your distance sites. This is especially important with ITV and videoconference courses.