Hangouts in Google Calendar

Hangouts in Google Calendar


Add video calls to new meetings by default:

Add a video call to Calendar

To do this, go to your general settings by clicking on the options icon and choosing  “Settings.”

From here, turn on the option “Automatically add video calls to events I create”

Automatic Reminders:

Reminders will help ensure you never miss a meeting. Email, pop up, or SMS text message reminders will provide youa quick and easy way to start your next meeting on time.

Go to your calendar’s “Reminders and Notifications” to individually set automatic reminders for events created in that calendar.

On this page, you will be able to choose the method by which to be reminded along with how long before the start of the meeting.


To add the ability to attach documents either from your computer or from Google Drive to your meetings, you will have to enable a Lab. Click on the options icon (), select “Labs” and enable the lab titled “Event attachments.”

Change Meeting Name:

You can change the name (and therefore the URL) of the Google Hangout associated with your meeting by editing your event, navigating to the “Video Call” option, and clicking “Change name.”

Join Video Call:

To join the video call for your meeting, simply click on the event, then click on “Join meeting:[your URL]”


If you would like to know more about Google Calendar or Google Hangouts:


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