Panopto from Start to Upload

Our Server Address Has Changed!

Instead of using the old panopto.uma or capture.maine server address, you will have to use the new link:
new URL for Panopto is

Panopto is a tool that allows you to record your computer desktop and/or webcam. The panopto recorder also gives you the ability to share your video(s) with your students in your Blackboard course automatically. To get started with Panopto and to make your first recording, follow these steps below:

Request a Folder for your Blackboard Course:

IMPORTANT: This form is for use by UMA only. All other requests should be made by contacting

If you are using Blackboard, you must request a Panopto folder for your course. Requesting a folder allows you to share videos with only those students enrolled in your course. Fill out this form to request a Panopto folder for your course:

Log in to Panopto:

Log in to Panopto at and download the recording software. Your username and password are the same as Blackboard and Mainestreet.

 Log in to Panopto

Download and Launch the Focus Recorder:

Now that you are logged in, click on the Record button across the top. This will prompt you to either download or launch the “Focus Recorder.” You must download and install the software if you have not done so already.


Then click Create and Record a new session

 Launch Recorder

Log in to the Focus Recorder Using UMS Blackboard Server:

At this point you should be asked to log in to the recording software. Choose the  option to use your Blackboard login to continue.

Focus Recorder Login

Set Recording Parameters:

By default, Panopto will record both your screen and your webcam. Change any settings you would like to and then hit the record button to start your recording.

Focus Recorder Overview

For more information about recording with Panopto, check out the official documentation:

Starting, Stopping, and Pausing:

Once you’ve chosen your settings, you can begin recording. This is of course done by clicking on the RECORD icon. Once your recording has started, that icon will change into PAUSE and STOP.


Clicking on Stop will stop the recording and begin to upload the file if you had chosen a folder before recording.

The Pause button will in a sense Pause your recording. Even though you’ve paused your video, it will continue to record, but will not show up in the final version of the recording. You can later go into the editor and get this recorded time back if you, for example, forgot to un-pause before continuing your lecture.