Blackboard Grade Center

Customizing the Grade Center

All Grade Center functions are initiated on the Grade Center page. This view is customizable, allowing you to sort items in ways to maximize efficiency and to view student information with a minimum of scrolling. You can also create rules to apply color to the cells in the Grade Center grid, either by grade or status. Color rules provide visual indicators to help you interpret information quickly.

You can customize your view using grading periods, creating additional categories and moving columns to them, and showing or hiding columns in the Grade Center to reduce scrolling. You also can customize a grading schema to interpret Grade Center scores.

By default, the columns for students’ first and last names appear first. Columns for gradable items and calculations of those items appear across the page. You decide which columns appear and in what order. Icons appear in cells and headings to signify the availability of students, the visibility of items to students, and the status of gradable items.

The Grade Center is populated with students when they are enrolled in your course or section. To learn more, see Manage Users.

Your institution controls whether this tool is available.