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UC Learning Services

Prior to each semester, you will receive an e-mail outlining the steps you need to take to prepare for your course. UC Learning Services is the clearinghouse for course materials, class handouts and exams, as well as graded materials you wish to return to students. The staff is available to answer your questions, explain policies and procedures, and address your concerns. UCLS also coordinates orientations for faculty new to ITV, videoconference or online teaching and learning.

For those new to any of the available delivery modes, see the Course Planning Timeline for contact information, options for student notification, important information on copyright compliance and more…

Faculty Policies: Submit preferences and policies for your distance course(s). (Review current policies here.)

Syllabi,handouts & online course packs

Exams: Submit instructions/ policies for your exam here; learn about on-site exams for your online course here.

Audio conferencing information (aka “Phone Bridge”)

At your request, UCLS can:

  • provide you with up-to-date enrollment data;
  • contact your online students who don’t attend classes after the first week to determine if they plan to drop the course or have technical or other problems getting started;
  • email letters of introduction to students, including special instructions from you.

UCLS can help students:

  • register for courses;
  • access online courses and obtain necessary course materials; and
  • connect with a student services coordinator in his/her region to discuss degree, course or career options.

contact: 1-800-868-7000; ucls@maine.edu.


UC Academic Services

UC Academic Services encompasses Instructional Design & Development, Media Services and Application Support; providing assistance, training and consultation on course development. Support resources for systems and applications used across UMS are indexed and updated here. New features or updated resources are also included.

ITV & Videoconferencing

Online & Hybrid Courses


Blackboard Documentation