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Using Blackboard’s Video Everywhere to Insert Videos

Using Blackboard’s Video Everywhere to Insert Videos

Using the content editor, you can record video everywhere. You must have enabled your YouTube™ channel with your account. A YouTube channel is required to process and save your webcam videos.

1st: Click on the Video Everywhere icon Video Everywhere:

You will see this icon whenever you have access to the text editor within Blackboard. If you do not see this icon, expand your editor by clicking on the down arrows (icon on the righthand side).

2nd: Sign in to your account:

Click on the “Sign in to youtube” button and use your full address as the username. You will have to sign in twice, this is normal.

Now you have two options:

You can either record a video using your webcam, or you can browse through and insert one of your previously uploaded videos.

If you would like to know more about Video Everywhere, click on the links below:


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