Youtube Mashup in Blackboard

Youtube Mashup in Blackboard

1st: Click on the Youtube Mashup icon Youtube Mashup Button:

You will see this icon whenever you have access to the text editor within Blackboard. If you do not see this icon, expand your editor by clicking on the down arrows (icon on the righthand side).

If you still do not see this icon, then your instructor may have disabled it for your course.

Instructors: To enable the Mashup tool in Blackboard go to the control panel at the bottom of the left side navigation and choose Customization > Tool Availability. In the new window scroll all the way to the bottom and toggle Youtube Video (in Text Editor).

Youtube Mashup

2nd: Search for and select a video:

Use the search bar to find the video you want to share. Keep in mind there are different types of searches you can perform–if you have trouble finding a video, try switching the search method.


If you would like to know more about Mashups in Blackboard, click on the links below:


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