Are online courses accredited?
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Yes. Through University College, you enroll in the same fully-accredited programs and learn from the same excellent faculty as do students at the seven University of Maine System universities.

What computer skills do I need to take an online course?
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Basic computer skills are highly recommended.  These basic skills include: word processing, file management, using email and internet searches.

Some courses require advanced computer applications (spreadsheets, for example, in certain accounting courses) or require downloading and installation of plug-ins (for example, Real Player or QuickTime) in order to access streaming audio and/or video clips.

Adobe Connect Student FAQ
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Connect FAQ for Students/Participants


What is UC Connect?

UC Connect is a webconferencing system that enables live, interactive web meetings, virtual classes, on-demand presentations and courses, and group collaboration. Through UC Connect you will be able to see and hear your instructor, view shared applications and whiteboards from their computer, and in some cases, broadcast your own audio and video to the rest of your classmates and instructor.

How will I access UC Connect?

UC Connect is accessed through the URL:, or through links created by your instructor posted in a Blackboard course or webpage, or sent to your email address.

What is my login and password to UC Connect?

You will use your UMS ID to login to UC Connect.

Do I need to install software to use UC Connect?

You will need an Internet connection, a web browser, and Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or later to attend a web conference. No additional software needs to be installed, as long as your computer?s operating system and browser match the recommended versions. You can test your computer for the correct software versions, or install the needed components, by opening:


If your instructor has required you to communicate in your course with audio through a microphon, you will need the Acrobat Add-in to extend the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat.  Choose to install the Add-in when using the hardware test linked above.

Will my computer’s hardware work with UC Connect?

The minimum hardware requirements for using UC Connect are:

Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz or faster processor or equivalent (1GHz recommended)
128MB of RAM (512MB recommended)

Mac OS
PowerPC G3 500MHz or faster or Intel Core? Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
128MB of RAM (512MB recommended)

Will I need a microphone or webcam to participate?

Your instructor will determine whether microphones or cameras will be used in your course. A headset with integrated microphone is recommended. USB webcams from many different manufacturers are compatible. If either is used in your course, test them before you need to use them in your course.

Will my Internet connection be sufficiently fast to work with UC Connect?

A high-speed DSL or Cable connection is strongly recommended. Wireless home networks may also be used but a wired Ethernet connection is strongly recommended.

Where can I get help with setting up and using UC Connect?

For help with logging in and connecting to your course, or basic assistance, UMS Tech Support is available M-F 8am to 7pm by phone (800-696-4357) or by email at


Using UC Connect

Participating in your first Connect meeting (video)

Setting up your computer for VoIP (video)

Do I need to be in a degree program to take ITV/online courses?
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No. As long as the prerequisite has been met, you are welcome to take the course.

How much time will this course require?
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Online courses require as much or more time as “traditional” courses. Even though you won’t have to attend class sessions (typically three hours a week), plan on spending about as much time reading, viewing lectures, and participating in on-line conferences. Additionally, you’ll have to complete assignments as you would in a “traditional” course. You’ll have to pace yourself, as these courses require that you stick with a regular schedule for completing assignments, taking tests, etc.

I’m convinced that an asynchronous course will work for me. How do I find out more about courses? How do I register?
Visit our University College Website for a complete listing of online courses and registration information.

To register, call the UC Learning Services Center at 1-800-868-7000 or visit a University College Center near you.

If I live out of state/country, can I take an online course?
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Yes, however, some online courses require proctored exams. Call UC Learning Services at (207) 621-3408 or e-mail UC Learning Services to sign up for a test location.