Osher New Beginnings Scholarships

Osher New Beginnings Scholarships

The University of Maine System is offering Osher New Beginnings Scholarships to encourage more Maine people of all ages to give college a try.

An Osher New Beginnings Scholarship will allow you to take two courses, including books and required materials.

Who’s Eligible?

You qualify for an Osher New Beginnings Scholarship if you:

  • are a Maine resident,
  • have earned a high school diploma or equivalent,
  • are a first time student or have not attended college in at least three years,
  • have 30 or fewer credit hours,
  • will commit to completing a college course.

What Do Osher New Beginnings Scholarship Awards Include?

The award may be applied toward the following for two developmental, 100, or 200 level course:

  • tuition,
  • required books,
  • all fees associated with the course.

Recipients who successfully complete their courses and who matriculate and enroll at a UMS campus in the semester subsequent to receiving a New Beginnings Scholarship may be eligible for an additional, equivalent scholarship award.

Where Can I Take Courses?

Courses are available at all University of Maine System Campuses and Centers.

How Can I Apply?

Interested students must complete the Osher New Beginnings Scholarship request form (pdf).
For more information or for assistance from an advisor, contact any of the University College Centers.

If your question was not asked, try our frequently-asked questions page or call University College Learning Services at 1-800-868-7000.

Read or download our latest brochure here (pdf).