ITV Sites (Delayed Viewing)

Delayed viewing of University System ITV classes.

Courses available at our sites in Caribou, EastportIsland Falls, Van Buren, and Madawaska are offered only through delayed viewing. This means that you can view your course lecture from a computer as a videostream on Blackboard, faculty permitting.  You would travel to the site to take exams, hand in and collect assignments, use computers, and more. Contact the Houlton Center or sites for additional  information.

Caribou Adult Learning Center

75 Bennett Drive
Caribou, ME 04736
Contact:  Karen Rockwell
Phone:  (207)493-4272
Fax:  (207)493-4277


Shead High School
89 High Street
Eastport, ME 04631
Contact:  Bobbi Mitchell
Phone:  (207)853-6255
Fax:  (207)853-2919

Southern Aroostook High School

922 Dyer Brook Road
Dyer Brook, ME 04747
Contact:  Ann St.Pierre
Phone:  (207)757-8206
Fax:  (207)757-7313

Van Buren

MSAD 24, Adult/Community Education

169 Main Street, Suite 102

Van Buren, ME 04785

Contact:  Charlis Sullivan


Phone:  207-868-5758

Fax:  207-868-5758


Madawaska High School

135 7th Avenue

Madawaska, ME 04756

Contact:  Stacey Cyr


Phone:  207-728-6314

Fax:  207-728-3636