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University of Southern Maine
The Certificate Program in Gerontology is designed to help professionals currently working with older adults, as well as individuals preparing for health and human services professions, develop their capacity to serve this clinically complex population.  The program is based on the multidisciplinary competencies recommended by the Partnership for Health in Aging.

The goal of this program is to prepare the health and human service workforce for an aging society. Students completing the certificate learn about care planning and coordination across the care spectrum (including end-of-life care). Students receive instruction regarding caregiver support and evaluation/assessment. Certificate program students discuss health promotion, safety, and (interdisciplinary) team care. Students develop their understanding of both psychological and spiritual perspectives in aging.

 7-Week Online Format
The traditional 15-week fall and spring semesters are divided into two 7-week sessions, allowing students the convenience of taking classes online and the opportunity to focus on one course at a time. This format allows students to make steady progress each semester.  If life interrupts a session, the next session is right around the corner. In addition, USM offers two 7-week sessions each summer. Graduation is a step closer every seven weeks.

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