M.Ed. in Literacy (Writing & the Teaching of Writing)

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University of Maine

Online Graduate Studies with on-campus summer options

The Maine Writing Project of the College of Education and Human Development offers a unique opportunity to discover your potential as a writer and teacher of writing in our unique hybrid graduate program. With online courses during the academic year and on-campus summer options in Orono, students will complete a Master of Education in Literacy with a focus in Writing and the Teaching of Writing. We offer the following courses and institutes:

  • Digital Writing
  • Poetry
  • Nonfiction
  • Blogging
  • Fiction
  • National Writing Project Certification
  • Writing Center Pedagogy
  • Developing Online Learning Experiences
  • NorthEast Writing Institute
  • Reading/Writing in the Common Core

You may take these courses and institutes individually or as part of our graduate program. Check out our website for information on gaining certification in the National Writing Project as a member of the Maine Writing Project. Visit MaineWritingProject.org (see Online Graduate Studies in Writing)

For more information, please call 1-207-581-5858 or visit: http://online.umaine.edu/graduate-degrees/m-ed-in-literacy-teaching-of-writing/UM Logo