Public Administration

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The Postbaccalaureate in Public Administration is a professional degree designed to prepare students for administrative careers in government and nonprofit organizations.  It meets the needs of those who originally prepared in a different discipline, but who now want a degree that will support a career in administration.  It can be added to a bachelors degree in any field.  It strongly enhances the career prospects of individuals who originally studied subjects like English or Social Science that do not support careers in administration, and it can be added to degrees in health care, criminal justice, human services and other fields to create strong combinations of skills that are much needed in modern organizations.

The public administration curriculum is comprehensive, covering public sector institutions, the central functional areas of modern administration, and a range of valuable and relevant analytical skills.  It is designed to produce managers with an understanding of modern organizations, a sensitivity to political realities, a grasp of management methods, and a knowledge of the analytical tools needed to illuminate substantive issues.  See the checksheet for a list of the course and degree requirements.


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