Social Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

University of Maine at Augusta

For students who are interested in psychology, sociology, anthropology and history, UMA’s Social Sciences degree is an especially rewarding program. It is designed for the student who does not want to be limited to one particular social science discipline, but who does want the experience of a stimulating and thought provoking education.

A degree in Social Sciences from UMA qualifies you for important careers requiring decision making, problem solving, evaluation, research, and written or oral communication. Many of our graduates advance to leading roles in government, business, education, social services, and other fields. Others cap the baccalaureate degree with graduate study, yielding opportunities in law, clinical psychology, social sciences, research, college teaching, and much more. Indeed, the Social Sciences curriculum provides a solid foundation on which ambitious students may build and succeed.

Visit UMA’s Social Sciences web page. For more information, please contact the program coordinator: Lorien Lake-Corral 207-621-3481.University of Maine at Augusta logo