Teacher-Consultant in Writing

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University of Maine

The importance of high-quality teachers in every classroom is a recognized priority in American education. The teaching of writing, in particular, has been identified as a high-profile concern in our schools and colleges.  The National Writing Project was founded in 1974, and the University of Maine (UMaine) became a site of the National Writing Project in 1997.  Since that time, both organizations have come to be identified not just with quality writing instruction, but also with developing professional development leaders for writing and literacy generally in their own schools and at the state and national level.

Educational objectives:

  • To understand the role and nature of writing in the personal and professional lives of teacher-leaders.
  • To understand the nature, methods, and challenges of mentoring colleagues.
  • To understand the role, methods, and challenges of teacher-leadership at the local school and district levels, including the demands of being an agent for change.
  • To understand the importance and opportunities for teacher-leadership beyond the local level, including the Maine and National Writing Projects as well as governmental and trade organizations.(All work here is based on the national NCTE and NWP standards.)

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