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Computing Services


Access to the latest technologies.

University College at Rockland has a computer lab with 16 student computers, available for student use at all times except when there is instruction in that classroom.   In addition, there are 18 student computers available for studying and personal use by registered students. The computer lab is routinely staffed by an experienced student who may help you with questions and technical issues.

Our environment is also equipped with a password protected wireless network.  Our technology is fast and current.

Software available to students:

> Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and course specific software
> MARINER, the on-line University System library
> E-mail and high speed internet
> Viewing ITV class videostreams in Blackboard


General Use

The computers at University College Centers are for scholarship, learning, community outreach and the furtherance of the University mission.  Access may be granted to anyone in the learning community, but use is a privilege, not a right. The Center reserves the right to give priority in service to current students, faculty and staff.

Expected Behavior

All computer users are expected to exercise responsible, legal, and ethical behavior and to act with discretion when using the userid, equipment, and/or facilities. Interfering with other userids, equipment, and/or facilities can result in loss of privileges. Users are expected to cooperate with legitimate requests from Center staff, and to treat other lab users with dignity and respect.

It is expected that all computer users will adhere to University policies, behavior standards and norms of common courtesy. Users are expected to be considerate of other users, to respect the privacy and confidentiality rights of others, and to avoid any activities that are disruptive to other users or inconsistent with a learning environment.

User Accounts

A user account is assigned to a person for his or her use only. Logging on to let someone else use an ID and password is not allowed.  The account owner will be held responsible for any wrongful activity originating from an account.

Internet Content

The University does not block, monitor, or limit access to any web sites based on content. The University disclaims any warranty of accuracy, authority, timeliness, or usefulness for information found on the Internet. Internet material may be factually incorrect, offensive, disturbing to some individuals, and/or illegal.  Students are expected to be responsible adults while browsing the Web. Inappropriate behavior that interferes with another student’s work, sense of safety, or respect will not be tolerated.

Results of Unacceptable Behavior

The University may restrict access by those who violate any of these policies.  Center staff will attempt to resolve differences and problems among computer users by asking for the cooperation of those involved.  Misconduct that cannot be resolved at the center level will be referred to the campus conduct code officer or law enforcement, as appropriate.