Try Collaboration in Room #409

Today’s Learning Is All About Team Work and Collaboration

Students can schedule meetings in Room #409 for group projects, writing assignments, SKYPing and more.

What’s In Room #409?

– Configured for up to 10 participants

– Computer with large flat screen display monitor and wireless keyboard

– Audio conference phone

– Camera and microphone to Skype: SKYPE address is rockland409

– Online access to quick information, videos and resources for tutoring

– Easy connection to your laptop

To schedule Room #409, click on the URock Room 409 calendar to check availability. Then log onto your account. Click the calendar link at the top of the page and click “Create Event”. Fill in the title of your event. Click the “add rooms”, etc. link. Select Rockland Room #409 from the list of rooms and click, “Add”. Select the date and time for your reservation that does not conflict with something already scheduled. CLICK SAVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.