Placement Tests

To help us place you in the right level of course work, we ask you to take a placement test in reading, English and mathematics.

UC Rockland administers a computerized placement test called Accuplacer (CPT) for prospective and current students. For detailed information about the tests and to sample a test, go to the Accuplacer web site.

Accuplacer exams are given at University College at Rockland on the following schedule:

Placement tests will be given on Tuesdays at 4 pm and Thursdays at 9 am in the Fall.

Please call us for specific dates and to sign up for a test.

  • Other helpful information:
    No calculators allowed.
    No time limit on the test. (Average time is 1 – 2 hours.)
    Bring a photo ID to the center on test day.

Please call the Rockland Center at 800-286-1594 for more information and to schedule a testing appointment. Following the test an academic advisor will help you choose appropriate courses.

Get ready for the placement tests! We recommend a bit of review before taking them. Here are some helpful links. 

Math Placement Testing or another site –

Sentence Skills

Accuplacer study guides for RC, SS and AR here:

WritePlacer here: