Student Association

The Student Association provides leadership opportunities.

The UC at Rockland Student Association is made up of members of the student community elected to leadership roles to oversee the spending of your student activity funds.  They are responsible for any refreshments made available to students daily, as well as the food offered during midterm and finals’ weeks. The UROCK SA arranges for passes to the Farnsworth Art Museum, student field trips and student gatherings.

To contact a member of the 2017-2018 UROCK Student Association leadership team, click on the email links below. They welcome your suggestions and participation.

Meet the members of UROCK’s Student Association:



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For all Strand Events:  Advance registration (including signing waiver) required at the URock Office.  One ticket per URock student, faculty or staff member.  Tickets will then be available at show time at the Strand Box Office.  Guests may purchase their own tickets directly from the Strand.