Interactive Television and Videoconference Course Services

Interactive Television Courses (ITV)

Students view live courses broadcast by faculty from university campuses to University College Centers and sites throughout Maine. Using a toll-free classroom telephone, students not only view courses but also interact with instructors and other students. Many ITV courses include an option for delayed viewing, which allows students to view the lectures online.

Videoconference Courses (VC)

VC courses offer two-way video interactions. Many VC courses are offered only from one University College Center to another, in which case the instructor may be in the classroom in Rumford. Others are offered from the University of Maine System campuses, available at most University College Centers.

Completed Homework and Exams

Completed homework and exams are mailed to the course instructors. Once the instructor has graded the work, it is mailed back to the Rumford Center.  As soon as work is received, the Center staff will place the work in the appropriate student’s folder.


Exams are proctored by Center staff, including student staff.  Faculty will give the proctor and students exam instructions, and the entire process is to be conducted congruent with university academic integrity policies.  The proctor will give instructions what to do with purses, book bags, cell phones, books, and notes according to faculty instructions on the examination folder.  For the sake of others taking the exam, please do not rattle food packaging and please turn cell phones off.


Problems with the telephone or television in an ITV/VC classroom should be reported to a staff member. Please do not attempt to make adjustments to this equipment on your own.

Conversations and Other Noise in the ITV or VC Classroom

All students must conduct themselves in such a way that they do not interfere with the learning of another student, no matter how accommodating that other student may appear to be.  Please refrain from personal conversations in all classrooms, but especially in an ITV or VC classroom.  Take all conversations, on cell phone or in person, out in the hallway with the classroom doors closed.  Should your learning be disrupted by another student, we suggest that you first inform the student/s and allow the student/s to make adjustments. Should the disruption persist, please speak with Jean Kay or another staff member.  Finally, please turn off your cell phone or put it on vibrate during all class meetings.


During an exam, cell phones must be completely off.  If you are expecting a call of a critical nature, please advise the caller beforehand to call the Center so that a message can be delivered to you quietly by the staff.