High School Aspirations

The High School Aspirations Program raises the educational aspirations of Maine’s youth. High school students may take university courses tuition free which count towards both college and high school credit.

Eligible Students
Maine students currently attending Maine public high schools.

Students must have school approval, parental approval, a minimum high school GPA of B or better, and junior or senior standing.

All students in the High School Aspirations Program are required to take placement tests, or to have recent SAT scores to assure best course placement.

Course Load
Students can take any academic course for which they have met the prerequisites as long as there is space available in the course. Students may enroll in a maximum of two courses (6 credits) per semester during their junior and senior years. The Maine Department of Education will pay half of the tuition for one 3-credit course per semester (if funds are available). The university will waive half of the tuition for two courses or up to 6-credit hours. The Maine Department of Education does not pay half of the tuition for private school students.

To apply for the HSA Program in Rumford, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Jim Bradley, our Assistant Director and Advisor by calling 207-364-7882 or you can go to this link:  Schedule Advising Appointment Online