Academic Repair Shop

If your grades from a past college experience don’t reflect what you can really do, there are ways improve your academic record.

Do a retake:

Did you know that by retaking a previously failed class, the old grade is taken out of your GPA and the new grade will be substituted?  This is one of the fastest ways to improve your  grade point average.  (There are a few caveats to that strategy, so be sure to check with an advisor before doing this.)

In addition, if you transfer from one college to another–even within the U. Maine System–your grade point average at your new campus starts out as a “clean slate”.  Grade point average doesn’t transfer between colleges, but credits do.

Improve your study skills!

If you feel less-than-confident about your ability to study, there are proven strategies and techniques that you can learn and apply which can make a big difference in your grades. Ask your advisor for study skills and time management help.

Take advantage of available resources

1) Is there an online tutorial which might help you?  You can find almost any subject by doing a Google search.  For example:

Descriptor words like “algebra tutorials” or “basic chemistry help” will usually produce helpful links.

2) Use the library:  Off-Campus Library Services can hook you up with textbooks, articles and other free resources which can be delivered to Saco, or downloaded, free of charge.  Not sure how to use the library? See: Ask a Librarian

3) Is there tutoring available for this class?  Speak with your instructor, or ask any staff member for information.

4) Form a study group: Working with classmates can be a great way to help you learn and make friends.