Services for Students with Disabilities

University of Maine System is committed to providing access to the university for people with disabilities.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities:

  • Students with documented disabilities should request accommodations with advance notice to allow the service providers adequate time to respond
  • For more information, see Procedures for Requesting Accommodations
  • Contact a staff member for additional information, procedures, questions and support

Telecommunications Services for the Deaf

Teleservice: (800) 919-4454 (in Maine) or 1-207-621-3477 (TTY)

Maine TTY and STS (Speech to Speech) Access:

      (800) 229-5746 (English)
    (866) 260-9470 (Spanish)

Additional information about STS is available at:


Learning Disabilities Association of Maine: Information for Adults & College Students