Prior Learning Assessment

Get college credit for what you already know…

picture of Bob Elwell

Bob Elwell, UMA degree student

As more adults come back to school, colleges are increasingly recognizing that students have previously acquired information and skills which may be equivalent to college-level courses. 

Prior Learning Assessment is a mechanism for students to get college credit for what they have already learned through work experience, professional training or self study.

Each campus has an assessment process through which credit can be awarded. Ways of getting credit vary by campus, but generally include evaluation of portfolios, national standardized testing programs (such as CLEP or Dantes exams and Advanced Placement-AP tests), departmental challenge exams (designed by campus faculty), credential review (i.e., American Institute of Banking-AIB courses or CPR certification) and military credit evaluations.

Prior learning credits are awarded to matriculated students (degree students) by the student’s home campus, and may not be transferable to another college. Check your home campus web site for details.