How do I get my books?

Each University Campus has a bookstore (see links below), and most will ship books to you or the Saco Center.

University bookstores generally stock books for all of the courses being taught by the campus faculty, and some will also have the required books and materials for other campus’ distance education classes.


  • If possible, order your books and course materials in advance.  Bookstores accept most credit and debit cards.
  • Allow a minimum of five working days for delivery (FYI: UPS does not deliver to PO boxes.  If needed you can have books sent to UC Saco, c/o “your name”).
  • Consider buying used books; most copies are in very good shape and can be a good deal.
  • Check to see if you can borrow or buy a book directly from another student
  • In the event that your financial aid award refund is delayed, an Emergency Loan through your home campus may be an option; contact the Financial Aid Office at your home campus.
  • Even if you can’t order your books yet, shopping ahead of time (online) costs nothing.  If you have some lead time, you can shop around for the best price on books and supplies.
  • Regardless of how you buy, do check return policies before you purchase so that there are no unpleasant surprises if you need to return an item.

Syllabi* & Course Handouts:

  • Syllabi for onsite courses are usually handed out by the instructor during the first class meeting
  • Syllabi and handouts for ITV and videoconference courses are NOT usually handed out in class. Some instructors distribute this information via the internet, while others rely upon bookstore-delivered materials.
  • Syllabi and course materials for online classes are available on the class web site (via Blackboard or FirstClass, etc.)

* What’s a syllabus? (syllabus=singular; syllabi=plural):
A list of the required textbooks, materials, assignments and due dates, test dates and other important information.  It should tell you how you contact your instructor outside of class time.

University of Maine at Augusta Bookstore:

For the convenience of students, books, syllabi and other course materials for all courses delivered via technology may be ordered by mail, phone or fax, in person, or online from the UMA Bookstore. Books for onsite classes taught in Saco are available.

Location: Richard J. Randall Student Center, Augusta Campus(map)
FAX: 1-800-243-7338

University of Southern Maine Bookstore:

Books for USM onsite, ITV, Videoconference and online courses in Saco may be ordered by mail, phone or fax, online at USM Bookstore, or in person.

Location:  Woodbury Campus Center, Bedford Street, Portland Campus(map)
(207) 780-4070 or 1-800-800-4676 (ext. 4070)
TTY: (207) 780-5646
FAX: (207) 780-4139

University Bookstore (U. Maine, Orono)


University Store (U. Maine Farmington)

University of Maine at Fort Kent


George Simpson Murdock Bookstore (U. Maine Machias)


University of Maine at Presque Isle Bookstore