Placement Tests

A placement test helps you determine the right courses to start with in reading, English and math.

UC Saco administers a computerized placement testing program called Accuplacer (CPT) for prospective and current students taking UMA or USM courses. Each University campus has its own CPT cut-off scores and policies.  Please see campus policies for details:

Testing Schedule:

Please call 282-4111 or e-mail our administrative specialist for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Placement Testing Tips:

  • Bring a photo ID to the center on test day
  • Tests are not timed; the format is multiple-choice
  • The more questions a student answers correctly, the longer the test generally takes
  • Plan on approx. 1 hour for each test taken
  • Tests can be taken twice without cost; additional tests cost $10.00 each. The highest test score will be used to determine course placement

Practice Test Links

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Writing & Grammar: