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About the VAWLT

VAWLT Introduction Your path to writing success, the UC-VAWLT Project provides a virtual space for students to access academic writing resources and support anytime. You may chat or Google Hangout with our tutors live, based…

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Recommended Web Resources

In addition to creating our own tutorials and other resources, the UC VAWLT Project also provides links to the following recommended online writing resources:

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Recommended Writing Resources

Google Docs, Getting Started

Are you ready to take your online collaborative writing skills to the next level with the VAWLT and Google Drive? Google Drive includes Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations for free as part of your account. Learn to collaborate online here!

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Virtual Academic Writing & Learning Tutors


An overview of services provided by the VAWLT staff. See what types of feedback we do and don’t give and your options for connecting with us.

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