Getting Organized is a skill


Feedback by video-conference, phone, or email

All types of communicationWe provide asynchronous and live feedback on your work. You can

  • chat live with a tutor during online hours

  • set up a phone or video conference for a face-to-face experience with a tutor who can view and comment upon your work while you are talking

  • share a draft and any related materials for an assignment for paragraph-by-paragraph commentary on your work

What kind of feedback do we give?

FeedbackWe ask questions and comment upon content, format, and grammatical choices in your text, pinpointing those places in your writing where we can help you to

  • find your thesis, transition between your thoughts, and clarify the topic of each of your paragraphs

  • quote, introduce, and cite your sources in APA & MLA format

  • create grammatical constructions and well-punctuated sentences

What kind of feedback don’t we give?

Our process is interactive and inductive: we ask lots of questions, and we prompt you to pursue your own ideas. We don’t provide a suggested topic, if you’re not sure what to write about. We won’t change language or correct punctuation and mechanics for you. We will try to get you to figure out what interests you, what you believe in, and what you want to know more about. We want you to take ownership of your writing process: we won’t forget about your voice.

Multiple Modalities for All Types of Learners

Image depicting different learning preferences.One-on-one tutoring services

Develop a partnership with one of our VAWLTers, or get feedback from multiple perspectives. When you work with our tutors, you can request who’s helping you, and you can let us know how we’re doing in supporting you.

Communal writing discussion

Sometimes the best writing emerges from the wisdom of crowds. Whether you are working on a writing project with a group, or preparing for a course writing assignment with your classmates, we can help you to discuss your writing as a shared set of goals, to brainstorm and prewrite, and to create to-do lists so you can manage project deadlines.

Peer-review help in and out of the classroom

Always Available Resources

24/7Tutorials on citation, grammar, pre-writing, and editing

Links to online writing and citation guides