Jacob Tidd Earns Business Degree, Begins Promising Career

HOULTON — On a typically frigid winter day in Northern Maine, Jacob Tidd is busy working on assignments in one of the collaboration rooms at the University College (UC) Center at Houlton. He is finishing up a homework assignment, though periodically stops to chat with staffers who drop by to ask how his job interview went.

Though he is wrapping up work on his bachelor’s degree in Business, Tidd is pleased to share the good news that he just landed his first full-time job in the white collar world. He will soon join an insurance agency and begin a career with boundless potential.

A gifted athlete and gregarious individual, for a time Tidd followed a traditional path to a college education. He attended two institutions, one outside of Maine and did well in his courses but felt something was still missing.

Returning to Maine permanently, Tidd continued degree studies at the UC Center in Houlton. He enjoyed the different modes of instruction, supported himself with full and part-time jobs, and zeroed in on a business career that was well suited to his outgoing nature.

Now firmly on the path that he had always envisioned for himself, Tidd praises the academic advising and quality of instruction he received at his local UC Center, one of eight located in communities across Maine.