UC Graduate Carol Westerdahl Empowers Next Generation to Succeed

When Carol Westerdahl stands before a classroom of students at the University College (UC) Center in Houlton, she conveys a warmth that is borne of empathy. She knows what it is like to face difficult personal challenges and reframe for a new, dynamic life. For Westerdahl a key element of a successful life is education.

After evaluating her options at mid-life and losing her husband, she earned her bachelor’s degree through the UC Center at Houlton. Now, she splits her time between teaching at the Center and helping clients as a therapist.

“So much of what I do is to help people take control of their lives, and education is a big part of that,” Westerdahl said.

Westerdahl draws a great measure of personal satisfaction from empowering her students to reach their potential. Serving UC is one part personal calling, one part professional focus … and all engrossing.

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