Fall Math Prep Course 8/15–8/24

Fall Math Prep Course 8/15–8/24

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Fall 2017 Math Prep Course

August 15 to August 24

University College is offering a Math Prep Class to prepare students for Math 115 or 015 courses for the Fall term.

This refresher course is taught by University of Maine at Augusta Math Tutor Don Murphy and is available at no cost to any student.  The Prep Course includes four two-hour sessions on the key topics for Math 115 and 015.  The sessions are Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM to 11AM in room 101 at UCBB.

Students are welcome to come for all four sessions or just one as appropriate. The topics covered include:

Session 1 (8/15 from 9AM to 11AM): Calculations Review

The session will review:

  • Performing calculations and computations using order of operations;
  • Using whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages in computations;
  • Evaluating radicals and exponential expressions;
  • Using substitution to evaluate common formulae and expressions; and
  • Performing calculations using scientific notation.

Session 2 (8/17 from 9AM to 11AM): Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

The session will review:

  • Solving equations in the first degree;
  • Equations involving whole numbers, decimals and fractions;
  • The number line; and
  • Solving and graphing inequalities.

Session 3 (8/22 from 9AM to 11AM): Graph Studies

This session will review:

  • Using several types of graphs, in particular linear functions and graphs involving data;
  • Creating graphical displays and tabular displays of data; and
  • Working with histograms, bar graphs and pie charts.

Session 4 (8/24 from 9AM to 11AM): Basic Statistics

The session will review:

  • Performing basic probability calculations;
  • Studying key terms such as mutually exclusive, disjoint, intersection and replacement; and
  • Determining the mean, median and mode of data sets.
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