Maine Employers Need IT Professionals

You’ve always stood on your own two feet, worked hard to support those around you and succeeded. Now you’re ready to earn a degree and take it to the next level. That’s why we’re here—to help you get started and finish strong. We also like to point you in a career direction where there is an abundance of well paying jobs.

Mark Goodridge is a lecturer at the University of Maine at Augusta with over 20 years of experience working and teaching in the IT field. He teaches foundational courses to students earning certificates and degrees in Computer Information Systems all across Maine.  Students in every corner of Maine can earn UMA’s  CIS certificates and programs through University College Centers statewide.

“In Maine, there are some companies that just can’t hire fast enough, and they are creating jobs at maybe five to ten times the rate that the university system is creating [CIS] graduates. We’re trying to fill a gallon bucket with an eyedropper,” explained Goodridge.

Deborah Meehan, Director of University College at Rockland adds, “Some potential students coming through the door are women who may be fearful of technology and then, all of a sudden, they start taking CIS courses. They love it! Too often we stereotype the CIS student. We hope to encourage more non-traditional students to try it.”  She added, “The key factors to being successful include a lot of curiosity, a strong interest in solving problems, a willingness to work hard, and a strong desire to keep on learning.”

Olivia Seibel, CIS graduate, LAN administrator and support specialist at Camden National Bank, added, “College prepared me for my job in IT because I am always learning.”

Both Goodridge and Meehan are clear that people looking for a professional career should consider exploring CIS. In their experience, sometimes it’s the unlikely candidates who excel in CIS programs. Those same students then move into highly satisfying careers that pay very well, right here in Maine and in their local communities.

UMA’s CIS program is available statewide through several types of instruction: face to face, interactive television, videoconference and online instruction.  These methods allow very convenient scheduling for students.

One other attractive characteristic of the CIS program is the opportunity to enter into a paid internship while pursuing the degree.  Goodridge commented, “It’s like a 90-day job interview and the rate of hiring after an internship is very high.”

Scholarships for first-time students as well as those returning after an absence are available through University College Centers.

University College Centers allow you to learn where you live—bringing the college classroom to you. Study part-time or full-time, onsite or online. You can even combine onsite and online learning to experience the best of both worlds. You can earn a CIS degree or certificate from UMA at a University College Center as well as more than 100 other degrees and certificates from one of the seven public universities of the University of Maine System. With 8 University College Centers plus 20 more instructional sites throughout Maine, all you need to do is get started. Learn more or register today.

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