Note: It is our intent to start providing instructional videos instead of/in addition to written instructions. Instructional videos will be posted here as soon as we can generate them. If there is something specific you need instruction with contact Jim for one on one instruction or questions answered.

How to Use EPS files


Instructions for Downloading free Gimp application for windows here. If you encounter any problems contact Jim. Gimp User Manual under the Help button in the top menu. Instructions on how to create/adjust images for your slideshow are here. A Mac version of Gimp is available as well at the same download site (no instructions needed).

Pictures to use for Gimp Training:

New Slideshow original jpg

Image of students jpg

Instructions for adjusting image for slideshow. (pdf)

Easier Process for E-mailing Online Newsletters (instructions, pdf)

Instructions for Creating a FaceBook Page for your Center (pdf)