About This Course Site

The Maine Department of Labor and University College of the University of Maine System have formed a partnership to provide to employers information in the form of videos and lectures. This partnership addresses two important issues:

First, the Department receives many thousands of telephone, mail and email requests for information. Using its Internet portal (Maine.gov), the Department provides the most-often requested information. This saves time for the employer, and it helps the Department deploy its limited resources to address and investigate the most complex matters – those that really do need to be addressed on an individual basis. The Department‘s goal is to make information and guidance easy to find and use. The better the information and the better the access, the easier it is for employers to comply.

Given that certain topics cannot be fully covered by telephone or traditional correspondence, the Department and University College are using the videos and lectures available on this site to address these topics in greater detail. For example, prior to the launch of this partnership, the Department sent instructors to various locations around the State to offer a full-day course in OSHA record-keeping. Besides the cost of staff time and travel, the classroom form of delivery meant that the employer also had to travel and commit a full day in order to obtain this information. By contrast, the video series on OSHA record-keeping can be viewed at any time and from any location that has Internet access. In addition, the videos on record-keeping are broken down into small (10-15 minute) segments, so they can be viewed at the convenience of the employer.

There is an evaluation form at the end of each course with which you can submit your feedback. We hope to hear from you so that we can improve our use of this technology.