What is MaineStreet?
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MaineStreet is UMS’ student portal, a place where you can access a wide variety of services available electronically, from registering for courses to checking on your financial aid to viewing your grades.

When you apply to be a student at any University of Maine System institution, you will automatically be assigned a UMS User ID and email account in the UMS online computing system.

For help in setting up your MaineStreet account, click here.

What is delayed viewing?
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Most ITV courses allow something called “delayed viewing.” This means that the instructor will allow students to view the recorded class lecture online at a later time instead of requiring students to attend the live broadcast.

To view the recorded class lecture, you can log in to your Blackboard site, click on the course link, then click on Class Capture and view the broadcast anytime from anywhere. Of course, you are always welcome to attend when the live broadcast happens.

What is a placement test?
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A placement test is an un-timed exam which estimates through a sample of questions your preparedness for college level work in reading, writing, and math. The exams determine at which level you should start in each of these courses.

What is an online course?
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Online courses are accessed through a computer with a broadband internet connection. These courses have no regularly scheduled class meetings and generally run the length of the traditional semester.

Visit this site to learn more about taking an online course: http://learn.maine.edu/get-started/steps/

What is General Education?
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Required of all degree students, courses in the general education curriculum are those selected by faculty to develop degree-seeking students into educated persons with critical thinking skills in a broad range of academic disciplines, including those in mathematics, writing, speaking, social sciences, humanities, physical and/or biological sciences, foreign languages, and the arts.  While the selection of specific courses may be unique to each campus and often to each degree program, all university students must complete the general education requirement as part of their associate or bachelor degree.

The courses usually include a significant amount of theoretical elements and some applications of the theories to explain them.  This is in contrast to vocational post-secondary education and training, which focus primarily on practical applications with very little theoretical understanding required.  For students looking ahead to advanced degrees at the master and doctorate levels, these general education courses provide a background of knowledge preparatory to subjects outside.

How much do courses cost?
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The rate of tuition students pay is determined by the university offering your course. For more information and to see current tuition rates, click here.

Can I earn a degree online? I live in Michigan (or Colorado or Australia or Japan, etc.).
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Please check our list of degree and certificate programs to view those available online. Please speak with the program coordinator before applying to be sure all requirements can be met outside of Maine.

What is the difference between a University College Center and a site?
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A University College Center acts as an extension of a University of Maine System campus. Students can receive many of the same services they receive at a campus. Some services include: course registration, advising and student services, student activities, and a full computer lab equipped with Internet access for student use.


A site is a local high school or adult education program which contracts with the University of Maine System to serve as a receive site for courses. It is equipped with at least one computer equipped with Internet access for student use, and a site coordinator is on hand to proctor exams and to make sure correspondence between student and instructor is mailed and received.

Do I need to make an appointment with my nearest University College Center or site to view a missed ITV class?
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Most ITV classes include streaming video, allowing students to view lectures online. In some cases, an instructor will only allow students to view these lectures at a course location. Students should make arrangements before coming in to view at a center or site. For contact information, return to the locations page to search for your location’s phone number.

ITV Introduction
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Orientation to Interactive Television Courses

The following video requires a Quicktime plugin: Click Here to Test for Quicktime plugin on your Computer. If you have any problems viewing these videos, call 1-800-868-7000 to request that a DVD of the programs be mailed to your address.

Making the most of ITV:

How much time will this course require?
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Online courses require as much or more time as “traditional” courses. Even though you won’t have to attend class sessions (typically three hours a week), plan on spending about as much time reading, viewing lectures, and participating in on-line conferences. Additionally, you’ll have to complete assignments as you would in a “traditional” course. You’ll have to pace yourself, as these courses require that you stick with a regular schedule for completing assignments, taking tests, etc.

I’m convinced that an asynchronous course will work for me. How do I find out more about courses? How do I register?
Visit our University College Website for a complete listing of online courses and registration information.

To register, call the UC Learning Services Center at 1-800-868-7000 or visit a University College Center near you.

How long will it take to earn my degree?
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Well, it depends. There are full-time and part-time students, and associate degrees and bachelor degrees.

An associate degree typically consists of 60-61 credits and a bachelor degree consists of twice as much.  A three-credit hour class is a time-commitment of 10 hours of time a week, so if you are attending full-time (four classes a semester), that’s somewhat like a full-time, 40-hr a week job.

An advisor can help you decide what amount of time commitment you can make, and from there, you can determine how long it will take you to complete your degree.

What is UC’s connection to the University of Maine System?
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University College is the part of the University of Maine System that supports local and online access to courses, degrees, and certificates offered by the seven UMS campuses.  UC supports students by helping them connect with a deeply engaging learning community.

Why should I consider University College?
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Earn the credentials you need to move forward. Turn years of experience in your profession into the college degree that may land you the promotion you deserve.

Begin a new career. With dozens of fully-accredited university degree programs now conveniently available, it is easier than ever to pursue the career of your dreams.

Enjoy personalized support. Our professionals are experts at helping students get started in college and in giving them the support they need to reach their educational goals.

Work at your own pace from any place. Online and videostreamed classes give you the flexibility to work where and whenever you choose.

Connect with a learning community. Learning technology allows you to interact with instructors and classmates in more depth than is possible in larger, more traditional classroom settings.

Save money. Distance learning lets you save on transportation, housing, and food costs. And you can keep your full or part-time job, too.

How do I apply for admission?
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  • Apply for admissions by mailing an application or submitting an online version.
  • Apply for financial aid by submitting your FAFSA online or by attending a free MEOC workshop. Seek out scholarships.
  • Schedule a placement test designed to help you and map your starting points in Reading, Writing and Math.
  • Following your placement test you will meet with an advisor to register for your summer, fall or spring semester courses and sign-up for new student orientation.

Click here for more information on admission.

Looking for a local outreach center?
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Do these courses carry college credit from an accredited institution?
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All courses offered are from regionally accredited institutions within the University of Maine System or the Maine Community College System and carry college credit.