Advising can help.

It’s always a good idea to speak to a Student Services Coordinator before registering for courses.

A Student Services Coordinator can help you choose the right course and guide you through the process of becoming a student. If you are planning to attend classes at a UMA center or site or plan to take an online class from your home, simply call your local center or call or email University of Maine at Augusta (email: UMA) at 1-877-862-1234 or (207) 621-3465.

  • Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted. You will not be required to pay for the course during the pre-registration period.
  • You must be admitted into a degree program to receive financial aid.

Now that I have registered for a course, what do I do?

If you are new to distance learning, view our online orientation sessions. You’ll learn how to navigate this Website to find the information you need, hear from other students who’ve taken courses at a distance, and become familiar with the software your course will use.

Next, purchase the books and other materials required for your courses. These are available at your campus bookstore or you may order online.

Then, order your library card by calling 1-800-339-READ or (207) 621-3345 or complete the online library card form.

Be sure to get your university e-mail account by calling our Teleservice Center at 1-800-868-7000 or (207) 621-3408 or e-mail UCLS. Learn more about how to establish an email account with the university.

If your course requires computer conferencing (Blackboard, WebCT, FirstClass), request your login and password by contacting Technical Support at 1-800-696-4357 or e-mail techsupport.

If you will receive financial aid this semester, confirm that all is in order with your campus’s financial aid office.