Get acquainted with the course site.
Explore course links and announcements to get a sense of how your course is organized. Follow any first assignments from your instructor.

Use our Blackboard Practice Course to familiarize yourself with learning in an online environment: Go to the Blackboard™ login page and log in with your “” username and password. Along the top of the page you’ll see a number of tabs. Click the Courses tab, then click Blackboard™ Practice Course in the Course Catalog area. Get your questions answered in the Discussion Board about online course technologies.

Review the syllabus for important dates and assignments.
The syllabus is the governing document that outlines course expectations, how your work is to be evaluated and what steps you will take to complete assignments.

Keep the lines of communication with your instructor open.
Make a note the contact information your instructor provides and learn what their preferences are for how to get in touch with them.

Keep up with the weekly assignments – don’t fall behind!
It is all too easy to let time in an online class slip away. Get started right away by keeping up with any announcements posted by your instructor.


Ready for step #3? Reach out and stay connected!