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A college degree matters because it…

  • Opens the door to career options and opportunities. Why it matters for your future.
    College graduates have more job choices in related, and even in not-so-related fields, than those who don’t earn a degree.
  • Boosts your income.
    College grads typically earn more money than people who didn’t graduate. A December, 2011, report by the Mitchell Institute says Maine workers with bachelor’s degrees earn 50 percent more than those with no degree. It also notes that the demand for workers with postsecondary education will grow by 15,000 through 2018, compared to only 2,000 jobs created for those with high school diplomas.
  • Introduces you to great minds.
    College courses encourage you to think, ask questions, write clearly, express yourself confidently, and explore new ideas, a priceless investment in personal development.
  • Gives you an edge when looking for a job.
    The job market is tight, and your college degree demonstrates your knowledge and qualifications.
  • Makes you a more valuable citizen.
    Higher education allows you to contribute to the betterment of your family, your community and Maine.

Read the May 27, 2014 article in the NY Times that spells out the pay gap between college graduates and non-college graduates.


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