Local UC student, Molly Kelley

Interested in Becoming a Teacher? UC Has Paths to Full Certification

Teaching is an admirable profession and good ones are always needed. At University College, you can attain full teacher certification in the areas of Birth to 5, K – 3, Elementary (K-8), Secondary (9-12) and Special Education (K – 12).

Education students earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Maine at Augusta with a concentration in one of the education fields. The program includes a full semester of supervised student teaching in a local school.

The Education Program is popular and high quality. It’s very rewarding to see our EDU students graduating and going off to good jobs in local schools. Often students think they need to leave the local area, or even the state, and pay high tuition bills to get fully certified as a teacher. That’s a very unfortunate myth, I would hold up the quality of our education pathways against any competitive program. Interested students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field and considering teaching can return as “post baccalaureate students” and take courses required by the Maine Department of Education for certification. The post baccalaureate program qualifies for financial aid, as do the other pathways.

We see many who are changing career paths and now want to pursue a teaching degree. We help them choose the best program to match their interests and the ages of the students they wish to teach.

Local UC student, Molly Kelley
Local UC student, Molly Kelley

Local student, Molly Kelley, completed her degree this December. According to Molly,

“I often thank my lucky stars for finding my way to the University of Maine at Augusta through University College. Lost and unsure after my first year of college out of state, I had no idea this would be the exact right fit for me. I feel incredibly fortunate.”

Molly says she now has amazing opportunities, and teaching allows her to use the skills that she is most proud of to make a real difference.

For further information on the education pathways to teacher certification, contact your local University College Center for a free academic advising appointment or visit us at learn.maine.edu.