University College has helped thousands of people in Maine, and beyond, find success in college.

As the University of Maine System’s distance education organization, University College offers access to courses and programs from the seven universities at dozens of locations and online. More than three thousand Maine people take courses and work toward degrees at University College Outreach Centers and receive sites each semester.

Students who choose to take classes at University College typically are older than the traditional college population. They have a strong desire to improve their lives by going to college, but often are place-bound by employment and family responsibilities. University College was created to turn their aspirations into achievable goals.

Courses and Degrees

At eight University College Centers, students choose from more than 400 courses taught by faculty on-site, via interactive television, videoconference and through online instruction.

University College also offers courses at dozens of community sites. Located largely in high schools throughout Maine, these sites allow students to take any of the hundreds of university courses offered over interactive television and the Web each semester. A site coordinator monitors classrooms, collects and distributes materials, proctors exams and records class tapes for review.

At both University College Centers and receive sites, students can work toward one of the 39 degree or certificate programs offered at a distance by the University of Maine System campuses.

Personalized Support for Students

At University College Centers, students enjoy personalized support services designed to give beginners a great start in college and advanced students the tools they need to stay on course. Professionals and trained peer advisors assist students with admission and financial aid, placement testing, course registration, book orders, the online library catalog, computer conferencing, e-mail and much more.

Support for Faculty

University College professionals offer support in course design, development and delivery for faculty planning to teach online or through interactive television, or who simply want to incorporate Web resources into their traditional courses.

Services include design and development of course content and learning activities and development of graphic and multimedia materials for use in video and online instruction. A toll-free Help Line offers faculty one-stop assistance coordinating their distance learning courses.

UC Learning Services

UC Learning Services distributes exams and course materials to and from the classroom and faculty and offers toll-free course and program information, registration and academic advising.

The administrative operation of University College is directed by the University of Maine at Augusta. For more information, call 1-800-868-7000.