BJ Kitchin

Interim Executive Director, Oversees Instructional Development, Media Services, Marketing, Off Campus Library Services, and Maine CITE

+1 207 262 7859

Role: BJ manages and leads University College’s marketing personnel and resources, integrating evidence-based communications strategies to solve eLearning design and marketing problems. A common consulting goal is to help clients to clarify and define learning goals and to fit the technology and workflow to learning & business goals. An emphasis on universal design is ever present in consultations. He provides administrative oversight and leadership to University College Instructional Development & Media services, Marketing & and Communications, Off-Campus Library Services and Maine CITE.

Jim KnightAnonymous

Senior Graphic Designer and Webmaster

+1 207 621 3042

Role: Jim works with anything and everything that deals with the University College main website and center websites. He creates custom graphics and produces marketing items for Instructional Design, UC Centers and general UC marketing needs.

Michelle Armes

Social Media Marketing/Communications Specialist

+1 207 621 3492

Role: Michelle enjoys getting creative and collaborating whenever possible to support UC’s mission to promote services to University of Maine System students, faculty, and staff to rural and under served areas. Her position handles all things related to University College’s social media presence. She uses her educational background and experience to help create a more engaging social media presence by planning and assisting in digital media initiatives. Michelle works with Center Directors from UC’s eight locations statewide to develop digital media initiatives to improve awareness, traffic, and engagement.

Justin HaffordJustin Hafford

Director of Advanced Media Services & Instructional Technologies

+1 207 262 7984

Role: Justin comes to us from UMaine, after a nineteen-year tenure. Most recently Justin was the Associate Director for Instructional Design and Development Services with the UMaine Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. He started his 19 years more than 20 years ago actually, as a student worker in 1995 and was hired as a professional in 1998 to the position of Instructional Multimedia Technology Specialist. Justin’s career with UMaine has proven he is passionate and motivated to support faculty in all forms of learning where technology is integrated into the design of teaching and learning. Justin is also known as a talented multimedia designer with professional skills in videography and video production, graphic design (digital and print) and web development.

Frear Hook

Frear Hook

Director of Design & Online Marketing

+1 207 621 3460

Role: Frear specializes in digital marketing, graphic design, and web development. He manages all digital marketing (Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.) for UMA, as well as producing both printed and digital marketing materials for both UMA and UC. He also manages the UMA website and portal.