Interdisciplinary Studies

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Interested in business technology? American Studies? Public relations? Art therapy? Gender, culture, human rights? UMA’s Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies lets you realize your goals by designing your own major in almost any field not represented by existing degree offerings.

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts
Available on the Augusta and Bangor campuses and online

The University of Maine at Augusta offers a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses on both the Augusta and Bangor campuses and through distance technologies like compressed video and online classes. Interdisciplinary courses can be found listed under the INT designator as well as AMEHGH, and WGS. Students may also choose to self-design an interdisciplinary major.

Interdisciplinary studies encourages students to work between and among traditional disciplines, to approach a topic, issue, or problem from a variety of perspectives. Interdisciplinary education is particularly valuable in our complex and changing world.


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